What are the hours for the Records Department?
The hours for the DPD Records Department are Monday –Friday 07:30 a.m.-5:00p.m.

What can I use the P2C site for?
P2C allows citizens to find information related to services provided by the Durham Police Department: • Searching for Events • Reporting certain types of incidents, such as Larceny, Vandalism, lost property, and fraud/forgery. • Reviewing the Durham Police Departments Daily Bulletin. • Viewing information on Missing Persons • Viewing information on Wanted Persons

What kinds of events can I search for on the P2C site?
The Durham Police Department P2C site allows citizens to search and print public copies of events involving larceny, vandalism, and fraud/forgery.

How do I contact the Durham Police Department for public copies of reports?
The Durham Police Records division can provide public copies of incident reports. Citizens may visit the Records Division in Person to request an incident report .Citizens may also contact the Durham Police Department Records Division via phone or fax. Durham Police Department Records Division 602 East Main Street Durham, NC 27701 (919) 560.4423 (919) 560-4987 fax

What type of reports can I submit to the Durham Police department using the P2C site?
Certain types reports such as Larceny, Vandalism, Lost Property, and Fraud/Forgery.

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